Accelerating Digital Transformation: Cut Your App Development Time in Half

In the digital era, it’s the fastest who survive—the fastest and those who deliver the best experiences. But how can you lead the digital race when you have to deal with a growing backlog and legacy debt, and all with fewer technical resources? In this session, you’ll learn how industry innovators are upending old technology practices and how you can do the same.


Rodrigo Castelo is an OutSystems veteran and has been with the company since 2004. Castelo’s main focus is to strategize, plan, operationalize, and grow business for OutSystems across the Middle East and Africa, thus spreading a better life for IT professionals in that region. Prior to this role, Castelo had multiple positions at OutSystems, from his early days developing the platform to Head of Product Management, amongst others. Castelo holds a five-year degree in Computer Engineering as well as a 3-years Masters of Science in Information Systems.