Cybersecurity Solutions Architect for Enterprise & National Level Projects for Kaspersky Lab Middle East, Turkey & Africa, Engaged with big and national organizations ( like CERTs ) to build their Cybersecurity competencies on a national and wide-scale level
Independent Expert for the Cryptocurrency & ICO related business issue since 2017 , including & not limited to: Blockchain Projects Analyst, Independent ICO Expert, Advisor – Strategy and Growth, ICO Strategy Advisor & Consultant, Expert (analyze, review & rate ICO‘s)


How Blockchain Supercharges Digital Transformation
There are many reasons why digital transformation has become huge, but many organizations are missing a major opportunity by simply running digital projects instead of fully transforming the organization itself. However, digital transformation is no longer a choice for businesses — it is essential to survival. Blockchain technology and quantum computing are very likely to make the most transformative and dramatic changes in the way businesses function, during the next decade.